Khartoum sky line. The view showing River Nile and Touti island and some buildings in the back in Khartoum. This shot is taken from famous rstaurant called ALHOUSH. Khartoum... Sudan

A mosque being renewed in Old City of Swakin. This mosque is built using coral stones which makes it very unique architecture over the world. Swakin. Sudan

Fishing boat tied to the port near fishing market Sigala n Portsudan, Sudan.

Black Cat with one blue eye and other yellow eye found at Old City of Swakin, Red Sea, Sudan.

Little Beetle (beige, black and green in color) found at backyard in my house, Khartoum, Sudan

Little Yellow Crab walking along shore at AlAroos area, north of PortSudan, Sudan

Sunrise at Sigala, Portsudan, Sudan. HDR photo.

Diving Boat used by divers for diving at coral reefs of Red Sea, a beautiful place for seeing rich life of coral reefs of Red Sea, Red Sea Resort, Sudan.

Sunset view at Red Sea Resort, Sudan